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B. Kamins Menopause Skin Cream Kx
B. Kamins Menopause Skin Cream Kx
B. Kamins Menopause Skin Cream Kx
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Product Description
This soothing and cooling dermatological cream helps to combat the significant changes associated with peri-menopausal, menopausal and hormone-deprived skin, such as hot flashes, dehydration, thinning skin, blemishes, loss of elasticity, skin itching, slower cell turnover, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven, dull skin tone. This advanced formula helps to revitalize wrinkled, slackened skin for a more radiant and youthful complexion. 1.6 oz.

Skin Type: All skin types. Specially formulated for peri-menopausal and hormone-deprived skin.

Primary Purpose:

To offset symptoms related to hormone-deprived skin and provide the skin with vital nutrients lost during the menopausal period.


* Calms and cools skin during hot flashes. * Formula includes an anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce skin itching and irritation, commonly associated with the hormonal fluctuations in skin. * Minimizes the trauma of thinning skin, redness and loss of elasticity. * Formulated with Episphere-Blue™ technology, which consists of heat-activated, time-released tiny blue capsules of anti-oxidant vitamin E to help moisturize and repair delicate skin. * Formulated with Profusion Ceramide™ technologies, which are small, skin-plumping molecules that penetrate the skin and fill in the inter-cellular spaces to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. * This hydrating cosmetic treatment may be used in conjunction with a moisturizer or on its own.