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Unlike most high end spa quality skin care products, Simi Essentials will be attainable to all on a daily basis and encouraged for use outside of the spa and rather more frequently use in the comfort of a consumers own home. Our idea is to bring the spa experience into ones home every day and not limit a much needed high quality skin care regimen to a once in a while spa visit. Everyone deserves beautiful and healthy skin everyday and with Simi Essentials at your fingertips one can reap the benefits of just that easily. Made with only the finest quality herbs and natural oils, your skin will look young and feel beautiful.

Made in the USA. Animal cruelty free.

Simi Essentials Sweet Pura Polish
Regular price: $34.00
Sale price: $22.10
Simi Essentials Sesame Temple Butter
Regular price: $37.00
Sale price: $24.05
Simi Essentials Aloe Vera Micro-Derm Polish
Regular price: $38.00
Sale price: $24.70