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Zents Eau de Toilette-Earth
Zents Eau de Toilette-Earth
Zents Eau de Toilette-Earth
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Product Description
These Eau de Toilettes are fantastic alone or combined with others to make your own signature scent. Dont stop at just a blend of two, these can be layered in limitless combinations. Elegant and light, these unisex sprays are classically designed to keep you smelling good all day long, or spray in an office, home or spa treatment area. Have a combination that you love? Let us know, wed love to hear about it! 1.69 oz


In this clean, classic scent a top note of bergamot, heart notes of Siberian fir and frankincense, and base notes of Himalayan cedarwood and sandalwood convey a powerful sense of peace and express the restorative power of nature.